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Combo Pool

Developed by: @NuSan_fx (Antoine Zanuttini)
Price: Free
Play the game here

Is similar to

What can you tell me about this game
Combo Pool is made for Pico 8. Pico 8 is a fantasy game console, with a limited color display: 16 colors.
In the game your aim is to collide balls of the same color, merging them into 1 ball of an upgraded color.
There is a timed and untimed game mode.

Why Combo Pool is fun
The graphics are cute. And it never gets boring to shoot and bounce balls.
The Pico 8 limits give it a very retro feel and within these limits NuSan has created a game that looks and plays very well.


Was there something you didn’t like?
Hmm… not really. This is just a cool little game.

Here are some comments I farmed
Sickoolaid: “This was a really great game. It has a lot of replayability, it’s fun and challenging at the same time. Good job.”

warwolt: “This is such an enjoyable game. There’s ton of polish on the presentation, and the controls feel good!”

Lucky Pixel: “Reminds of me billiards with puzzle mechanics. Awesome Job!”

Play the game and leave a comment here to share your opinion!
You can play the game right away in your browser at

Gameplay video

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