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A look at: Coffy
Developed by: 
Nick Zangus
Price: Free
Play the game here

What can you tell me about this game
Gaia was made for Ludum Dare 39 (theme: running out of power).
Ludum Dare is a competition where participants create a game with a time (48 hours) and theme constraint.

Why Coffy is fun
The graphics and idea is very welcoming. That is probably also why I picked to try this game. The greatest feature of this game is its way to invite you over.
The “easing” (pop ins and – outs) of texts and characters are there and the right sound effects are chosen, which sound good for a puzzle game as this.
I like how this is almost a puzzle game with a story or extra background motive, other than: clear all blocks.

Was there something you didn’t like?
Vertically the game did not fit on my laptop screen, so I had to resize the website a bit.
About the gameplay: it is difficult! I think it does not play as regular match making games, so that is one part that adds to the complexity. Secondly, you have to pay attention to the visitors and their wishes. Conclusion: the difficulty ramps up too quickly.

Here are some comments I farmed
3mpty: “Really felt fresh despite being based on an old formula, really impressed by the polish! In the end I didn’t really pay attention to the orders and just matched as fast as I could and did pretty well… Maybe a bit too forgiving? Love the art!”

TheFlyingKeyboard: “Awesome, really fun mechanics, but hard for first few swaps. Graphics are just epic, they are simple, yet very clear and interesting. Also the in-game tutorial is fun, not annoying and explains everything.”

bombjack: “amazing and very polished game! A really nice derivation of the match-3 type of game. Just familiar and different enough to make it fun.”

Play the game and leave a comment to share your opinion!
You can play the game right away in your browser at Gamejolt:

Gameplay video

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