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A look at: Gaia
Developed by: 
Power Spark
Price: Free
Play the game here (Unity webGL)
Read Post Mortem here

What can you tell me about this game
Gaia was made for Ludum Dare 38, which had the the theme: A small world.
Ludum Dare is a competition where participants create a game with a time (48 hours) and theme constraint.

Why Gaia is fun
At first I did not know what I had to do, who I am or where I was. I like that. 🙂
I think I can call this game a vertical puzzle-platformer. You jump on clouds – which serve as a trampoline – to reacher the higher placed goal.
The pixelart character looks and walks very cute. Look at how cute it is.
It was fun to play with the game mechanics (jumping on clouds and using clouds to get higher). I liked the (small) world Power Spark created.
It’s a nice experience.

Was there something you didn’t like?
It was a little bit hard to get on or jump to other clouds sometimes.

Here are some comments I farmed
Zoltoks: “Fun game a bit glitchy but I beat it! Love the music and art!”

asixjin: “This game looks/sounds great. I found myself getting bored with the mechanics quickly plus I didn’t care to have to restart so often cause the clouds kept going away. I think having them wrap around would help with that.”

simonhutchinson: “Wow, there’s so much nuance in the visuals of this game, and I love the mythical nature of riding on the back of a giant lumbering beast. It could have all taken place on the ground, but instead the whole thing is elevated (no pun intended) to a kind of “Shadow of the Colossus” type world. Really nice.”

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You can play the game right away in your browser at Gamejolt:

Gameplay video

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