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A look at: RetroHOT
Developed by: 
Lunar Labs
Price: Pay What You Want (minimum: €0,00)

Is similar to

Wolfenstein 3D

Why RetroHOT is fun
This game is the dream of any retro loving gamer. The visual style is retro-cute and the post effects make it look delicious.
RetroHOT uses the idea from the game Super Hot – in which time moves only when you move.
This is a novel idea and fun to play, because it gives you control over time. A great super power.

Was there something you didn’t like?
The controls. This is obvious when you play it and read the comments. The version I played has no support for mouse.
This made me cautiously touch the turn button with timed precision to turn a few centimeters (inches?^^). Difficult.
Also. I would like to see bigger weapons.

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You can play the game right away in your browser at

Gameplay Video

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